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The Legacy of a Legend

Memorial Clinic Poster

Ride with Ray Audio CD

Disclaimer:  This is NOT done professionally and there will be some background noise that is NOT a problem with the CD it is the recording.  

Listen to the Master of Communication, Ray Hunt, recount parts of his life and experiences in a casual setting.  Autobiographical in nature, his gentle voice, along with his deep understanding and connection to the horse, Ray’s words will delight and inspire.

You’ll hear more about this man who grew up learning that hard work and a thoughtful outlook are the keys to success.  With uncompromising candor and his familiar wit, Ray Hunt’s words encourage the listener to be there, for their horse. 

This Audio CD provides a glimpse into the personal events that shaped the life and career of Ray Hunt and also includes a Question and Answer session with a group of people who attended his clinic.

Ray and Hondo Color Print

Ray & Hondo

A photographic collage of the man and the horse that changed the world of horsemanship forever.

Color Prints

of legendary horseman Ray Hunt, by the renowned western artist Susan Edison.

Signed, the 15" x 18"

Portrait is exquisitely rendered in full color.

$75 + S/H


Two types of boxes available
Qty:8 O
ne with just Ray, as shown on the Left.
and one with Tom and Ray, four of each, no mixing.

Artwork by Virginia Anderson
Ray Hunt on Silver Eye Lass

We are now offering a 16" x 20" print of the original oil painting
Virginia Anderson.
This is an exceptional gift for the horse enthusiast.

16x20 print available $35.00 + $5.00 s/h

Artist contact info:

Virginia Anderson
3758 W. Redwall Drive
Golden Valley, AZ 86413

(928) 565-9213

Ray Hunt - Cowboy Logic


A MUST HAVE BOOK for those who
have love and respect for the horse,
and the man behind the legend.

If you have ever stepped into the corral, or spent time corral side with the legendary Ray Hunt, the contents of this 6 by 6 book, Ray Hunt - Cowboy Logic is going to be as familiar to you as the legend himself. Ray has been saying the same thing to different people in clinics around the world for the last 40 years. Ray's quotations have been compiled along with photos of Ray at the Gang Ranch clinic in Canada during July 2003 (photos by WT Bruce).

This is a must have book for those who have love and respect for the horse, and the man behind the legend.